2014 begins with the end in mind.

Eat less sugar. Buy a house. Stop cussing. Get in bikini bod shape. Complete a marathon. These are few of the New Year’s resolutions I’ve made in years past. I actually completely stopped making resolutions entirely because I felt they weren’t genuine and like most others’ resolutions, are very shortly lived. It wasn’t until I […]

So a job, a career and a calling are sitting at a table.

So here I am, sitting in my twelfth interview in the past four months, at a small but beautifully designed agency. I’m chatting with a young-ish owner about the various businesses he’s got his hands in, in addition to the one I’m interviewing for. Our conversation feels more like two people chatting over drinks than […]

Why I quit my job at 30 & went back to school.

I consistently get whiplash at how fast life can change. With a blink of an eye, your entire plan can be completely turned upside down and leave you shaking your head, wondering what’s next. Two months ago I was a part of a management team at a digital marketing company, running the marketing/PR/social media department. […]