The moving in nesting bug

So my fiance is moving in to my apartment this weekend. It’s a very momentous occasion of course. I’m beginning to wonder though, is it possible to go into nesting mode without being pregnant? I kid, but seriously. I’ve gone into a mode that is so unlike me normally. Furniture arrangement research on how best to define spaces and use an L-shaped sectional, cleaning of every hidden crevice not that unused areas are exposed, purging of old stuff to make space for his stuff and all encompassing OCD greatness. Because we aren’t moving into a new place together, I feel a sense of duty to make sure that this space is new to the both of us and most importantly, feels like it is his and not just him fitting himself into my world. During this time, I’ve gone back to some tried and true sites and blogs and found some new ones with tips on everything from design to cleaning.

I’ll share some pictures of design choices for our apartment as it progresses but for now, here are some of my favorite sites I turn to for inspiration on DIY projects, L-shaped furniture and maximizing space in an apartment.

1. Apartment Therapy

I love this blog. I get so much everyday inspiration and DIY ideas for small budgets from this site. I like the simplicity but layered effect in this room. Everything in it is also very affordable.

apartmenttherapy, interiordesign, thirtiessurevival, design, apartment

2. The Inspired Room

This is a new find for me. I got sucked in by an image search and spent about an hour clicking through all the great ideas and tours of her own work-in-progress home. Great do-able ideas all around. This room has the color palette I love. All earthy tones with a splash of purple, my favorite color.

theinspiredroom, interiordesign, thirtiessurevival, design, apartment

3. Decorologist

This is another new find for me. The design on this site definitely seems to skew more for higher budgets but it’s great inspiration nonetheless. Many of the ideas could be replicated on limited to zero budgets if you get creative. I love the pop of color in contrast to the whiteness of the room she designed below.

decorologist, interiordesign, thirtiessurevival, design, apartment

4. Adore Your Place

This is another tried and true site. It has a good mix of higher end ideas and DIY. I really love the combination of textures, colors and patterns in the room below.

adoreyourplace, interiordesign, thirtiessurevival, design, apartment

5. Better Homes & Garden

This is a design staple for America. Everyone knows the name and the prestige that goes with it. If it’s good enough for Charlotte on Sex & The City then it’s good enough for me. Most of BHG is for the wealthy homes but I actually found a lot of normal apartment style tips like the one for embracing the TV wall below.

BetterHomesandGarden, interiordesign, thirtiessurevival, design, apartment

6. Houzz

This is one I keep coming across because I do many searches by image. I’m a visual person and always find what I’m looking for if I switch over to image mode. This site is chock full of very inspiring and beautiful home images. I liked taking bits and pieces of images to add to my projects folder. I love the concept of the art wall below, taken to the next level with dimension and texture.

houzz, interiordesign, thirtiessurevival, design, apartment

I always love to hear from you. So what are some of your favorite creative inspiration, interior design and DIY project websites? Leave your favorites in the comments below.

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